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for my free favourite vinaigrette recipe.

• It's not included in the e-Zine. 

My illustrated five-recipe e-Zine is out! It contains five of my go-to recipes, all great for entertaining: Salmon with Beurre Blanc + Sorrel, Tomato Sauce for pasta, a tasty Oyster with Black Bean dish, plus a yummy Caesar Salad that will have your guests begging for more – and a delicious Roasted Veggie dish that can be paired with almost anything!  Buon Appetito!


4-panel 5" x 20" Accordion fold recipe cards

Folds to 5" x 7"

With envelope

Printed on 100# cover paper

These cards are fun to collect, and make unique host / hostess gifts. Clients often gift these cards, along with the ingredients or a bottle of wine ! 

Card orders are securely processed through PayPal. Recipe e-Zine is sold on Apple Books.